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Kalles Fraktaler 2 is a Windows program for exploring Mandelbrot fractals. It also works in WINE on Linux. It has many different formulas, which can be zoomed arbitrarily using perturbation theory.


Want to create DEEP Mandelbrot fractals 100 times faster than the commercial programs, for FREE? One hour or one minute? Three months or one day? Try Kalles Fraktaler!


Kalles Fraktaler was originally written by Karl Runmo. In 2017 Karl stopped development with his final release of version 2.11.1 including source code, and Claude Heiland-Allen took over. In 2018 a free software license (AGPL3+) was assigned to the source code. Claude currently maintains two branches, 2.14 receives only bugfixes, with new developments in 2.15.


Original Page by Claude