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Welcome to!

Welcome to, an all-encompassing website to store the plethora of knowledge collected by fractal enthusiasts over the years. If you're a fractal enthusiast yourself, please contribute! We cannot stress enough the fact that this website will forever be empty without your contributions to the website. If you're just interested in fractals, or stumbled across this website while browsing the Internet, welcome! We're glad you're here.

Recent changes regarding account creation

Due to rampant spamming by bots on the last iteration of the site, I've disabled open editing. You'll need to create an account and log in if you want to edit or create pages. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

...Oh, and we're back! Now that I've found a hosting service that works and that doesn't break the bank, ($0.41 a month!) it's become financially possible for me to keep the wiki up all year long. In addition, the license has been changed from CC0 to CC-BY-SA to allow for more flexibility and user choice regarding their content. I've also integrated some new MediaWiki features and extensions to enhance the overall experience, so it should be easier to create and edit pages.